This is Davy van de Ven his opinion

"Dogs have always been part of my life. From birth to now, I always had a dog by my side" tells the 38-year-old Davy van de Ven from Eindhoven. "I think that it is important that a dog fits my life style. I love working with my dogs actively; Running, cycling, hiking, stuff like that. I need a dog that also likes to do that and gets happy doing this things with me. All my life I have had German shepherds and since 1.5 years I also have a Cattledog. High-energy dogs that need a lot of movement and challenge, because as the owner you have to look and give attention to what the dogs need. At least I think so!"

From skeptical to believer
Davy is so sure about the health of his dog, "I do everything for that. Good nutrition is important. I give my dogs a high quality natural chunk and regular fresh meat. " Davy also invests in vehicles, harnesses and even shoes. We asked him why he buys shoes for his dogs: "Bruno, our shepherd has osteoarthritis and drags his paw over the ground when we are hiking. To protect his paw and nails he gets shoes, "he explains. "My shepherd is now 10.5 years. That's already old, but he is still quite intelligent and understands everything. His osteoarthritis is not going away, but he is still leading the way. When I got the chance to use pHpets droplets I was skeptical at first. Is it safe? What exactly does it do? I didn't know what it meant to aklalize your dog yet. However, I started using it because I heard good stories about the results of people who are working on deacidification. "

When asked of how he thinks about the pHpets® drops a few months later, he says: "convinced. One of the first things that struck me was his nose. For more than half a year we were working to treat the gorges in his dry nose. We tried it with Vaseline, but that he licks off and it just works a few moments. After a few weeks of using the drops we saw that his nose was getting wet and beautiful black again. His fur looked good, but had an even deeper sheen. And what we were especially pleased with was that after walking or hiking, Bruno was no longer stiff as before. He moves easier, it seems. Yeah, happy with the drops. I keep using them and can recommend them to anyone ".

Quality over Quantity
"I want and I hope that I can keep Bruno and my other dogs as long as possible, I will do everything to ensure that. But I find the quality of their life more important than quantity. And if I can give them that quality by giving them good nutrition and keeping them as healthy as possible by all means, I should succeed, "Davy closes smiling.

Photo credit: Dorine van de Voorden (Shoot up Fotografie)